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About us

Treasures for our Little Treasures

Our brand aspires to source quality brands, toys and games to make learning fun and enjoyable at home. What better way to learn and develop through playing and fun? 

As a Victorian based company, we aim to give households and parents the same access to wonderful learning products as schools and teachers have. From quality wooden toys for infants and toddlers to games that have Literacy and Numeracy skills in practice. 

Explore our imaginative, creative, interactive and fun selection to encourage curiosity and problem solving.


As a teacher, parents would frequently ask what can be done to help their children at home. Our answer was always 'play games', 'make it fun'. This is exactly part of the reason behind making these fun, interactive products available to families.

Many of these games and activities can be used independently, then checked by adults, played between siblings or as a family. Children seeing adults participate, demonstrate and 'learn' from these actives inspire their children to have the same enthusiasm with reading and maths.

We have used most of these products in classrooms in small groups, as a whole class and independent tasks. The interactive nature of these games create a fun way to learn while begin able to have a go, make corrections and celebrate mistakes. 

As a parent, we feel that it is very important for children to be exposed to reading and maths, even at an early age. Associating Literacy and Numeracy with fun games is an ideal way to create an interest in learning.

Entering Grade Prep with skills such as letter and sounds knowledge, understanding of rhyming words, recognition of basic sight words and numbers to 10 will give children confidence to begin learning.

Games in a variety of subjects are sourced from reputable publishers and are used in classrooms all over Australia.