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Alphabet and numbers 1-10 Flash Cards

  • These Learning Can Be Fun Flash Cards are perfect for new learners to learn the alphabet and practice counting between 1 and 10. Each card contains colourful illustrations and easy to read text to keep them more engaging for young learners.
    • The set contains 52 double-sided alphabet cards, 10 double-sided maths cards and 3 double-sided activity guide cards.
    • It is recommended for ages 3 and up.
    • The cards will help you to recognise and learn the alphabet, read commonly used words, count from 1 to 10 and more.
    • Each letter card shows the letter in upper case and lower case plus has a full colour illustration and a word beginning with that letter.
    • Each number card shows the number in numerical form, written out and with full colour illustrations.
    • The included activity guides make it easy to get started right away.
    • The cards are laminated to be ultra durable and long lasting.
    • They are also colour coded to help you easily sort them.