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Alphabet Match Up

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Alphabet Match-up is a fun, self-correcting game that has been created to help children make the link between the first letter of a word and a corresponding picture starting with that letter.

As well as helping teach the Alphabet, Match-up helps children to recognise the difference between a capital letter and a lowercase letter.

How to play:

Select a card showing a letter of the alphabet... Say it's sound... Find a picture card that is a match for this sound. If you are correct the two pieces will fit together exactly.

Use as an individual matching activity or play Fish or Concentration.

Additional info:

  • Detailed playing/teachers notes are included.
  • 72 self-correcting cards that have been die cut into two matching puzzle pieces.
  • All picture cards for the same sound are interchangeable.
  • Each laminated card measures 12.5cm x 8cm
  • For 1 or more players.