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Wall Mounted Porcelain Whiteboards- from 900 x 600mm to 2400 x 1200mm


If only the walls could speak... Well, now they can! And not only speak - with a multitude of great accessories and a durable magnetic porcelain surface that ensures your message is clear as a bell every time - Elizabeth Richards Porcelain Whiteboards can ENGAGE!

No longer is learning, teaching and presenting a boring chore of sitting and listening for audiences and students with short attention spans.

Our Wall-mounted Porcelain Whiteboards are a fast-track to engagement, a portal to a world of learning where lesson plans and presentations can be elevated to engage on many levels for maximum impact and retention.

All Boards Include

Movable pen tray
Plugs and screws for mounting to your wall

Shipping may be at a higher rate due to weight of item.